We got featured in Chiiz Magazine, January 2019 issue.

I’m Parul Ankur Kaushal, an engineer by qualification and an artist at heart. I started my professional career as a software professional and after working for 3 years in two different software
companies, I was able to convince myself that software wasn’t for me.  My husband, Ankur was already doing well in photography and that triggered the passion for photography in me.

Photography firstly   happened to me as a hobby, then it became a passion and in the process it became an integral part of my life. When I started, photography for me was nothing
more than pressing a button. I believed that just buying a camera would be enough. But when it started, it got deeper and deeper and world of photography seemed to grow
every single day with growing knowledge. The more I clicked, the more I was pulled by the magic called as photography. Yes, it is magical.

Basically from Punjab, we are based in Bangalore.