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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you do indoor Shoots?
We have the biggest baby photography studio in Bangalore having total area of around 3000 sq. ft and all our indoor shoots are done there. We have 2 air conditioned shooting areas, 2 changing/feeding rooms, meeting rooms, waiting area, washrooms, pantry etc. We also have an indoor faux garden within our studio to give that outdoor looks inside the studio.
How do we clean up the baby after a cake smash Shoot?
We have 2 washrooms in our studio equipped with geysers although not too big, but decent enough to give a quick bath to the baby. We can also provide toiletries for the baby like baby wash, baby shampoo, lotion, baby oil etc along with a washed towel.
If baby is not so dirty, we can provide wipes but we would certainly want the baby to be completely filled with cream after the cake smash.. 🙂
Are you providing all the props?
Yes, almost. We have the props and accessories required for the shoot. But we do not provide the perishable items like cake in cake smash shoot, helium balloons etc..
Can we walk in for a baby photoshoot?
Practically No because a baby shoot requires a lot of planning for the shoot. We have over 100 different setups to choose from and We are sure you would need a lot of time choosing the best ones for your baby. Then the dresses also needs to be discussed. There are a lot of aspects which are to pre planned for a shoot to be a success. A baby photoshoot would be an unforgettable lifetime memory for you and the baby which you would cherish forever. So, planning is must.
Are there any rules in your Studio?
Taking pictures and/or videos on cell phones or personal cameras is prohibited in our studio. Shoes are NOT ALLOWED in our studio. Please ensure you carry along a pair of socks so that you are not bare-feet.
Why Parul and Ankur Kaushal Photography?
1. We have been trend setters in setting up new themes and no one in Bangalore has more themes than us and we are always eager to implement the new ideas if you have any. Our themes are well defined and meaningful.
2. If you are looking for a photographer to take 100′s or 1000′s of pictures then that’s not us. We strive to focus our efforts on quality rather than quantity. We believe that a handful of stunning images is much better than hundred or thousand images that look the same.
3. 3. Despite of the fact that we have large number of props and themes, our focus still remains to capture the babies in the best possible way and you will find the babies smiling in most of our final pics.

4. We have a big studio with extra advantage of having changing/feeding room etc in the studio. We will also provide baby toiletries like baby shampoo/body wash, lotion, powder, baby wipes, towel etc in case if bathing is required after cake smashing shoot.

What differentiates you from other Photographers?
1. Our work shows the quality of pictures we are providing. We focus on quality of pictures but not quantity of pictures. We prefer in clicking few of perfect pictures than hundreds of unnecessary pictures.
2. We have around 15 years of experience in photo editing and hence that is a very important part of our work flow.
3. Despite of the fact that we have large number of props and themes, our focus still remains to capture the babies in the best possible way and you will find the babies smiling in most of our final pics.
4. We give stress on the safety of the baby during the shoots. If the baby is moving a lot or is unstable, we will deploy one person specifically to guard and protect the baby from falling down and getting hurt.
5. Please feel free to spend some time to read our reviews to understand why our clients rely on us for best moments to be captured by our team. We provide the best services for Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Kids photography and wedding services in Bengaluru.
What is a Pre-Shoot planning?
The pre - shoot planning is very Important part of a shoot as it helps us to understand your requirements in which we discuss the details like themes, dresses etc. Usually, the pre-shoot planning will freeze at-least 2 days before the shoot. The discussions will be done on phone and usually that is enough but if you need to meet us, please feel free to come. Please note that pre-shoot planning is a must and we do not take any shoot without planning.

The timings for the shoot shall be discussed in the pre shoot planning. Setting a proper timing is very very important for the shoot to be a success. Best time for the shoot is usually after the babies complete their sleep. Usually they will be awake and active for around 2 hours after the sleep and that is the time we leverage for the shoot. For an example, if the baby takes a nap at around 12 noon and wakes up at around 2. In that case you can take the 2 pm slot for the shoot. Suppose if takes 30 mins to reach till our place, you can start from your home at 1:30 while the baby is sleeping. The best thing to happen is that the baby wakes up just before the shoot. Please do not forget to bring the feed for the baby.

Sometimes, there is no proper sleeping cycle for the baby and sleep timings are erratic. In that case, we suggest you to plan the shoot on a weekday because we will usually be more flexible on weekdays as most people want weekend slots.

What is the process for shoot?
1. We take advance payment as booking charges for booking the slots for shoot.
2. We generally click multiple shots per theme like full theme setup pics, head-shots, closeups etc. But if you have any specific requirement regarding setups, dresses etc, please let us know during pre - planning or before we start clicking pictures.
3. We will schedule the shoot slot before taking the advance payment.
4. After the shoot completion, all unprocessed pics will be shared with you within a week after you make the remaining payment.
5. Generally we select the pics for editing to give you the best results. But you have the option to select the pics for editing. Newborn shoot pictures are strictly selected by us.
Do you help our babies and us, how to pose?
1. Yes, we will surely help. As we understand, posing is important part to take out the best results in portfolios.
2. Our team has many years of experience dealing with the children and adults to take out the natural and best results.
Who will be doing the shoot?
For baby shoots, any one from our core team would be doing it.
For events, our team also comprises of freelancers. The team covering the event would depend on the event requirements.
Do you add your Logo in pictures?
No, We provide you all the unedited and edited pics without our LOGO. But we use logo on the pics which are uploaded on Social Media or our own website.
What do you mean by Photo Editing? What all is included?
1. Our Photo editing/retouching includes Basic Skin Retouching, Color Correction, Light Correction.
2. We use the original props/backgrounds in the setups we do. So there is no photo manipulation, no adding of backgrounds, no change in the physical appearance of any person or any prop.
Can i select the pictures for editing?
Yes, we ask our clients to select the pictures to be edited which they are liking. We have pre-defined number of images to be edited in every packages. All the clients are requested to select pre- defined number of pictures. During the shoot, we may click multiple pics that looks similar. So you can choose the best expressions of baby which you are liking. The main purpose of giving all unedited pictures to our client is to make sure we are editing those pics which they like the most.
Do you provide Prints/Album?
We do not have an in-house printing facility and thus we outsource it. The print outs are usually not a part of the package but we can provide them on demand. The pricing may be more than the market price. We also provide the good quality album. You can discuss with us before or after shoot about albums.
How do you deliver photos?
1. We use a cloud based services to transfer all unedited and edited high resolution pictures.
2. You will receive an email from us with a link to download your images. Once you receive this link, you generally have 7 days to download the link before the link expires.
3. The images can only be downloaded on a computer as the image size is extremely large. Once you download them on your computer.
4. We also provide Edited Low Resolution pics through a google drive link on phone. The edited Low resolution pics will have the our logo. You can use low resolution pics to upload on social media or you can share with your family/friends.
5. We do not provide images in USB/Pen drives as due to security issues we do not insert external pen drives into our systems.
6. If customer requests to send DVD through courier, it will be done at customer’s risk. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss of DVD or any delay in delivery.
How much time do you take for editing the pictures?
1) We will start editing after you make the payment. The payment of the shoot is due on the date of the shoot. If your payment is delayed, the editing will start on the date your payment is received.
2) 1 week after the shoot session or payment closing date (whichever is later), you’ll receive the original images from the shoot.
3) Once you have made your selection of images to be edited and provided it to us, we will deliver the edited images within 3 weeks.
4) We do offer Fast Delivery of edited pics where the delivery is completed within 10 days. Please discuss with us about this during the pre-shoot conversation to avail this service.
5) We use a cloud based service to transfer all images.
6) Album are not covered under the Fast Delivery service. Albums take upto 3 weeks.
7) Your editing of images can only be completed when you timely submit your selected images required for editing and printing. We can only save your data for 3 Months from the date of the shoot. Incase you do not save the data in 3 months, we would not be liable for any images.
What for of payment do you accept?
1) We accept Electronic Transfers (RTGS / NEFT / IMPS), and Cash.
2) We DO NOT have swipe machine.
When is the payment due?
Payment is due on the day of shoot.
When do we pay advance for Booking the Shoot?
1) We take 50% of the total amount as the booking charges. Booking will be confirmed only when the payment is made. The amount needs to be deposited into our bank account. Remaining amount needs to be paid after the shoot is completed in cash. Please note that we do not have swipe machine.

IMPORTANT : Once the time slot for the shoot is finalized and we have shared the account details, payment is required to be made within 12 hours and if not made, that slot will be considered as open for other clients. We suggest you to use IMPS as the payment method to avoid delays, for example in case of bank holidays.

What are the Photography Copyright Law?
1) According to the Indian and international laws, Creators/ Photographers have the copyright of the photograph.
2) If you get a shoot done from use or buy a print/album does not mean you have purchased the copyrights.
3) Under the Copyright Act, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.
4) Photographers have the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs.
5) According to the law, you don't have right to copy, scan and send them to others, not using them online unless you take permission from the photographer.
6) Also Copyright infringements, reproducing photos without permission, can result in civil and criminal penalties.
Does this mean you will be using our photos in anyway?
1) We are in the business of photographing families and children and we do understand the sensitivity around the usage of images in today’s digital world.
2) Prior to the shoot, you are requested to let us know if you do not want Parul and Ankur Kaushal Photography to use your pictures for posting on social media, advertising, displays.
3) If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.
How do I purchase the copyrights of my Photographs?
You have option to buy the copyrights. You can let us know in advance and discuss about the pricing of copyrights.
What can I do with my photos if i didn't buy copyrights?
If you don't have written permission from Parul and Ankur Kaushal Photography, clients don't have rights to use the photographs used by us for Advertising, Publishing, Displaying in Exhibitions (without our logos), Selling to Magazines / News Agencies, manipulating an image, Giving for free the image to a non-profit organization, Selling the image.

The images we photograph can be send to agencies to promote your child. In such a scenario you will need to sign a release with the agency that such photos will not be published without our permission. A copy of this release must also be sent to us.

If our logo is placed on your photo, you cannot remove, manipulate, or crop the photograph to remove, blur, or alter our logo.

Apart from the above, Parul and Ankur Kaushal Photography grants its clients permissions to use the photos taken by our team in any which way whatsoever.

Do you provide extra time for feeding and dress changing?
The time mentioned in the shoot is the total time that includes dress change, feeding etc.
I want family pictures, can you click?
1) If a package doesn't have family pictures mentioned, we don't click family pictures.
- For family pics with the baby or if there is an extra kid involved, we will charge extra.

2) Only that person/child will be captured for whom the package is booked. No other person/child will be entertained in scheduled package. Shooting more people will lead to extra charges depending on the extended number of pictures and this must informed at least a day before the shoot. In case a photo is required with the extended family, it should be discussed.

Can we change the date, time and location of shoot?
for Photoshoots, the Scheduled Date, Time, Location, Package and Themes cannot be changed on the spot. But if the baby is unwell, we can reschedule the shoot if it is informed at least 1 day in advance.
For weddings and events, there won't be any refund if rescheduling happens within 15 days of the date booked.
What will happen if clients reach late in scheduled location?
The client must reach the scheduled location in time. We do understand that it is not always easy with the babies, so we will keep a buffer of maximum 30 minutes but beyond that the time period will be cut short from the desired hours of the shoot.
Can we postpone the shoot?
If the shoot is cancelled by customer due to non co-operation of child or due to any other reason, the booking amount received will not be refunded, but the shoot will be rescheduled on any other day as per our availability of date and time. (The rescheduled shoots will be done on WEEKDAYS ONLY (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays)

For weddings and events, there won't be any refund if rescheduling happens within 15 days of the date booked.

If i book the session and postpone it due to some reason, Will you change the price ?
Our prices are subject to change. But If you book the session with us, prices can change if the shoot is not done within 3 months.

For weddings and events, there won't be any refund if rescheduling happens within 15 days of the date booked.

Are all your packages inclusive of taxes?
No, Packages mentioned are exclusive of taxes. We take 18% GST on all the packages.
Do you charge extra for twins/siblings?
For twins or siblings, package price will be 1.5 times of the package chosen, provided you are choosing the same themes. For different themes, pricing will be as per the themes. If a package doesn't have siblings pictures mentioned, you can add the siblings shoot in the package on the extra cost.

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