Parul and Ankur Photography


Newborn babies are always beautiful and cute. We capture their cuteness and innocence which melts our heart. Their are  two important factors based on which we can decide the RIGHT time to photograph a infant/newborn. These important factors are AGE and WEIGHT. The perfect age for newborn photography is 7-14 days and weight should be above2.75 – 3 kilograms.

For new born babies almost all the photos captured are while they are sleeping and curled in different poses or wrapped in clothes etc. There are around 7-8 poses in which we can capture a new born baby and we can try them all till they are 15 days old but post that their bones began to get stiff and joints develop properly and hence it becomes risky to make them sleep in some poses especially the front facing pose. As they grow, the number of poses that we can do reduces and moreover the amount of time they sleep also becomes less. The babies become more sensitive to touch and often tend to wake up when moved.

Sometimes a infant/baby is below 2 kilograms in weight, it is advised to wait for few more days till then the baby gains little weight. At this age, newborn babies loves to be cozy and warm. They are curled up and in dream like state. So capturing the sweet, cute sleeping poses of adorable newborns with silky smooth skin will make the parent’s heart melt and make beautiful memories.



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