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Packages for Kids Photoshoots

We are grateful to you for considering us to capture the memories of your little ones. We believe that we are very lucky that we get to deal with cutest little babies as a part of our work and hence we give our best to capture the moments that you will cherish for lifetime. We are blessed to have done around 4000 baby shoots and have been consistently listed among the best baby photographers in Bangalore because we believe in providing the highest quality of photographs along with maintaining the other necessary checks.

Why Parul and Ankur Kaushal Photography?

  1. Starting in 2014, we have been among the trend setters in baby photography in India.
  2. Despite the fact that we have a large number of props and themes, our focus still remains to capture the babies in the best possible way and you will find the babies smiling in most of our final pics.
  3. We have one of the largest baby photography studio in India with the extra advantage of having a changing/feeding room, pantry etc in the studio. We will also provide baby toiletries like baby shampoo/body wash, lotion, powder, baby wipes, towel etc in case if bathing is required after a cake smashing shoot.
  4. We have a good experience in photo editing and hence that is a very important part of our workflow. We use large screen IPS panel displays for editing with spyder 5 pro for monitor calibration thus improving the tone of the colors.
  5. Our studio premises and all the props are sanitized as per WHO guidelines after every shoot. Please check our website for details.Apart from that, we give stress on the safety of the baby during the shoots. If the baby is moving a lot or is unstable, we will deploy one person specifically to guard and protect the baby from falling down and getting hurt. Please click here for details on our covid19 guidelines.
The Process for the Photoshoots:
  • Payments: We take 50% of the total amount as the booking charges. Booking will be confirmed only when the payment is made. The amount needs to be deposited into our bank account. Remaining amount needs to be paid after the shoot is completed.

IMPORTANT : Once the time slot for the shoot is finalized and we have shared the account details, payment is required to be made within 6 hours and if not made, that slot will be considered as open for other clients. We suggest you to use IMPS as the payment method to avoid delays, for example in case of bank holidays.

  • Pre-shoot Planning:

The process starts form shoot planning in which we discuss the details like dresses, themes etc. Usually, the pre-shoot planning will freeze at-least 2 days before the shoot. Please note that pre-shoot planning is a must and we do not take any shoot without planning.

  • The Shoot:

Indoor  shoots will be done at our studio. Outdoor shoots will be done at any green location of your choice. If the location is far, we may charge extra. We can also do a mix of indoor and outdoor shoot, doing the outdoor in our artificial garden at our studio. But the primary condition for outdoor shoots is that we have to do the shoots early in the morning.

We will provide all the required props apart from helium balloons, cakes or any specific props which are not as per the themes.

We may provide dresses for some themes. We also provide accessories such as ties, bows, suspenders, caps, hats, goggles, specs, headbands, tiaras. We also provide formal shoes fitting around one year old baby boys. For baby girls, we provide tutu dresses and pearl necklaces but color collection is limited. For boys of around one year, we have a few jeans, trousers and shirts which can be used subject to availability.

It is advisable not to bring extended family during the shoot as it causes lots of distraction for the baby. It may not always be true but the success rate of getting good pics is low when there are more people around as the baby keeps looking in all directions and hardly looks at the camera.

  • Processing:

Once the payment is settled, we will share the unedited pics in 3-4 days. Then you would need to select the pics for editing as per the count mentioned in the package. Once we get the selected filenames of the pics to be edited, We take 3-4 weeks to edit the photos. Please select the pics judicially as it takes enormous amount of time and effort to edit. Once the pics are edited, the edited images can not be replaced as it would require the editing process to be repeated.

EARLY EDITING : If you want the processed photos early, we have a quick-edit offer, where we will provide the edited pics within a week at 10% extra cost but that will be subjected to our availability.

  • Themes and other Creative Options (for Indoor Shoots):

Theme is a setup which is done to capture the photographs. For example, in a chef theme, fruits , vegetables, utensils etc are placed and the baby is made to wear an apron and a hat to give that feel.

We have following options for the kind of photos in indoor shoots:

  • Standard Themes: Our usual creative setups. Price per theme is 5k. There would be 5 edited Photos. There will be only one costume per theme.
  • Exclusive Themes : Our setups including bigger setups or setups that are mode difficult or creative or takes more time to set them up. Price per theme is 7k. There would be 5 edited Photos. There will be only one costume per theme.
  • Candid Photos : Candid photos are those where we don’t restrict ourselves with any specific props or theme or any setup. Price per set is 5k. There would be 5 edited Photos. There will be only one costume per set of candid pics. These are pics clicked with random props or even without them usually in artificial lawn but can be done with any background too. Its more about how the baby feels comfortable.
  • Customized Theme Setups : Specially curated themes only for you which may also include freshly procured props as per the theme requirements. If you are a trendsetter and want something completely different and new or have good insights about design, this option is for you. Price per customized theme : 10k onwards depending on the setup. For customized cake smash set up, price would be 15k onwards. There would be 5 edited Photos in customized setups.
  • Artistic Portraits : These are baby portraits captured in an artistic way. It is a much superior kind of photography, lighting and editing. Introductory offer is for 5k for 2 photos. There will be only one costume per variant of artistic portraits.
  • Portfolio Shoot : In case if you are looking for modeling portfolio, this is the best option. It is also applicable if you are looking for pics of the child without setups. Price per set is 5k. There would be 5 edited Photos. There will be only one costume per set.
  • Family Shoot : For family pics with the baby, we will charge Rs. 5000 extra for 5 pics and for family shoot setups, price would be Rs. 8000 for 5 photos. There will be 2000 extra for every sibling below 6 years age included in the family pics.
  • Themes and other Creative Options (for Outdoor Shoots in our private lawn):

We have following options:

  • Outdoor Themes: Our usual creative setups. Price per theme is 6k. There would be 5 edited Photos. There will be only one costume per theme.
  • Outdoor Dreamy Portraits: These are super special photos. Some dreamy concept is setup and then edited in a very creative way. These will be our most creative photos. Cost would be 8k and there would be 2 edited photos.
  • Candid/casual photos : Without use of setups or props, as per the comfort of the child to capture them the way they like. Price per set is 6k. There would be 5 edited photos. There would be 1 dress per set.
  • Family photos : Price per set would be 6k for 5 photos. There would be 1 dress per set.

You can get extra pics edited for Rs.400 per photo for a themed or portfolio photo and Rs. 800 for artistic portraits.

In case there is any confusion, please feel free to talk to us. Our package pricing is totally based on the themes you choose. Themes will have to be finalized well before the shoot. Ideas about the themes can also be discussed if required.

  • Packages:

You can choose any theme and the package will be priced accordingly. Though, the minimum package price has to be 15k for Indoors Shoots and 20k for outdoor shoots in studio. Following are the fast running packages but they can always be modified based on the themes you choose :

S.no.PricePackage InclusionsApprox. DurationEdited softcopiesUnedited softcopies
120k (OUTDOOR in our lawn)1 set of Candid pics, 1 set of family pics, 1 Dreamy Concept1 hour12All
215k3 sets of artistic portraits1 hour6All
315k2 Standard themes , 1 set of candid pics1 Hour15All
420k1 standard theme, 2 Variants of Artistic portraits , family shoot1.5 Hours14All
530k2 sets of candid pics, 2 Standard themes, 2 sets of Artistic portraits2 Hours24All
634k2 Exclusive themes, 1 Standard themes, 1 set of candid pics, 2 sets of Portfolio pics2.5 Hours35All
750k Onwards..
Exact price would depend on theme customization
3 Customized Themes , 2 sets of candid pics , 2 sets of portfolio2.5 hours40All

— 18% GST will be extra on all the packages. 

— For TWINS or SIBLINGS, package price will be 2 times of the package chosen, if you are choosing the same themes. For different themes, pricing will be as per the themes.

  • 12×8 Inches Canvera Signature Photobook (20 Pages) free with all packages above 35k + GST
  • 12×8 Inches Canvera Luxury Absolute Layflat Photobook (30 Pages) free with all packages above 45k + GST
  • 12×8 Inches Canvera Luxury Eco Leather Cover Photobook (30 Pages) free with all packages above 60k + GST

Please Note that these albums are a part of an offer and design customization will not be possible in these. Although upgrades can be availed by paying extra.


1             IMPORTANT : We will use the photos for our own business promotion (social media, our website etc) and showing the pics as our sample work to future clients. But In case if you want us not to use the photos to display our work, you can prevent that by paying 25% extra on the package price. But that has to be discussed before booking the shoot. Once the shoot is done, we will not even accept the extra 25% for the copyrights. Many times, we are working for our own creative satisfaction and not exactly for the amount being paid. Therefore, we end up going extra miles in terms of time, effort, planning and investment. In such cases we will definitely showcase our work on social media. Please make sure you discuss it with us before booking the shoot that you do not want your photos to be displayed.

2                 Balance amount of the package must be paid after the completion of photo shoot to avoid any delay in delivery of edited photos. Photos will be given ONLY after the receipt of the full balance amount.

3                 Only that person/child will be captured for whom the package is booked. No other person/child will be entertained in the scheduled package. Shooting more people will lead to extra charges depending on the extended number of pictures and this must be informed at least a day before the shoot. In case a photo is required with the extended family, it should be discussed.

4                 The client must reach the scheduled location in time. We do understand that it is not always easy with the babies, so we will keep a buffer of maximum 30 minutes but beyond that the time period will be cut short from the desired hours of the shoot.

5                 If the shoot is cancelled by the customer due to any reason, the booking amount received will not be refunded, but the shoot will be rescheduled on any other day as per our availability of date and time. (The rescheduled shoots will be done on WEEKDAYS ONLY (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays). If the baby doesn’t support or is crying during a cake smash shoot, it won’t be repeated.

6              In case of any kind of loss of photographs, you may request for the same within 3 Months from the day of shoot. We shall delete the backups post that.

7             In case the cake, helium balloons or any other perishable items are used in the shoot, it has to be arranged by the client.

8              IMPORTANT : Clicking pics with your camera/phone is not allowed during the shoot..


Kids Photoshoot Samples

Kids Photoshoot Samples

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