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Outdoor Themes for Sitting babies

Outdoor Shoots are done at any outdoor location in Bangalore which can be mutually discussed upon. If the location is far, extra charges may apply.  Minimum package price would be Rs. 15000 + GST

The Natural feel of the Outdoor shoots may look very fascinating but it also comes along with its own disadvantages. Do check out our blog on that.

Theme is a setup which is done to capture the photographs. For example, in a chef theme, fruits , vegetables, utensils etc are placed and the baby is made to wear an apron and a hat to give that feel. Or it may be some decorative setups.

We have categorized the themes in two categories for outdoor shoots:

a.      Basic Themes: are those which need lesser setup or creativity.

b.      Premium Themes: are those which need more time to setup or or more creative.

For outdoor shoots, we also have a dreamy photos package, in which photos will be given special effects with special lighting techniques and editing. Those will be expensive but look of the photos would be totally different.

Following are the fast running packages but they can always be modified based on the themes you choose :

PriceThemesMax DurationEdited softcopiesUnedited softcopies
Outdoor Shoot Packages25k3 Premium + 1 basic2 Hours30All
23k2 Premium, 2 Basic2 Hours30All
18k1 Premium, 2 Basic2 Hours25All
15k3 Basic2 Hours20All
15k1 Premium, 1 Basic1.5 Hours15All
15kOnly Candid Pics1.5 Hours20All
Outdoor Dreamy Shoot15k4 variants2 hours100

— If a package doesn’t have candid shots mentioned, you can replace one basic theme with candid pics of the baby. There will be 5-6 candid pics.
— 18% GST will be extra on all the packages. 

— For twins or siblings, package price will be 1.5 times of the package chosen, provided you are choosing the same themes. For different themes, pricing will be as per the themes. 


Exclusive Themes

Exclusive Themes

Click the button to check the exclusive theme setups that we have

Basic Themes

Basic Themes

Click the button to check the Basic theme setups that we have

Premium Themes

Premium Themes

Click the button to check the Premium theme setups that we have

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