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Newborn Photography Packages

 The Photoshoot Process:

a.      Payments: We take 50% of the total amount as the booking charges. Booking will be confirmed when the payment is made. The amount needs to be deposited into our bank account. Remaining amount needs to be paid after the shoot is completed in cash. Please note that we do not have swipe machines.

IMPORTANT : Once the time slot for the shoot is finalized and we have shared the account details, payment is required to be made within 12 hours and if not made, that slot will be considered as open for other clients. We suggest you to use IMPS as the payment method to avoid delays, for example in case of bank holidays.

b.      Pre-shoot Planning:

The process starts form shoot planning in which we discuss the details like dresses, themes etc. Usually, the pre-shoot planning will freeze at-least 2 days before the shoot. The discussions will be done on phone and usually that is enough but if you need to meet us, please feel free to come. Please note that pre-shoot planning is a must and we do not take any shoot without planning. The best time for a new-born shoot is from 5 to 15 days because that is the time when the baby will be sleeping most of the time and the bones are not developed yet, making he body very flexible. They tend to get stiffer with time and the body becomes more sensitive to touch and hence it is difficult to make them pose. If the baby crosses one month, then we may or may not be able to get the sleeping shots especially those in which the baby is lying down on the stomach. In some of the shoots, we are able to get the sleeping shots but there are some occurrences where the babies wake up as soon as they are touched or re-positioned. Though it is very tough to plan the new born shoot and execute it in exactly  the same way, we still will need to know your preferences and priorities based on which we arrange the setups.

Most of the photos at this age will be while the baby is lying down on the back.

c.      The Shoot:

Newborn shoots will be done at our studio. For Newborn, we provide wraps, blankets, fur mats, woolen dresses, headbands, tiaras, tutu dresses and pearl necklaces etc. You will need to bring one pacifier for the shoot. We understand that doctors advise not to use the pacifier but it is very important for the shoot. Even we would not advise to use it on regular basis but for the shoot, we just need it for a couple of hours which will not have any negative impact. Please note that new-born shoot may look very easy but it is the toughest stage. The samples are in the link shared at the end of the mail. Please feel free to ask any queries.

d.      Processing:

We take 3 weeks for editing the photos and we will share the edited and unedited pics together. If you need the unedited pics, you can ask us once you make the full payment and we will share via wetransfer. We will choose the best photos for processing or you can also choose them.  Once you have made the selection, we take 3 weeks for processing. If you want the processed photos early, we have a quick-edit offer, where we will provide the edited pics within a week at 10% extra cost but that will be subjected to our availability.


Our Newborn Photography Packages start from  Rs.15,000 + GST.

Please find our packages in the table below : InclusionsDurationEdited softcopiesAt Your Home
1basic Swaddling 15kswaddling/Wrapping Shots + 1 Theme Setup2 Hours12-15No
2basic with Parents Pics15kBean Bag Shots, swaddling , Pics with Parents2 Hours12 to 15No
3basic15kBean Bag Shots, swaddling , 1 Theme Setup2 Hours12 to 15No
4Basic with Family Plus20kBean Bag Shots, swaddling, 1 Theme Setup, Family Pics2.5 to 3 Hours18 to 20No
5Premium25kBean Bag Shots, swaddling, 2 Theme Setup, Family Pics3.5 hours20 to 25Yes at Exta Cost
6Exceptional35kBean Bag Shots, swaddling, 2 Theme Setups,Baby Body Close ups, Family Pics, Canvera Premium Album A4 Size4 hours30Yes at Exta Cost
7Luxury50kBean Bag Shots, Multiple swaddling Combinations, 3 Theme Setups, Baby Body Close ups, Family Pics, Canvera Premium Album 12X 18 Inches5 Hours40Yes at Exta Cost
70kBean Bag Posing, Multiple swaddling Combinations, 3 Theme Setups, Baby Body Close ups, Family Pics, Canvera Flush Mount Album 12X 18 Inches, Small Cinematic Video, Photo Slide Show6 Hours40Included With in Bangalore

— For twins, package price will be 1.5 times of the package chosen, provided you are choosing the same themes and if there is a sibling, please discuss that in advance .

— 18% GST will be applicable on the final bill amount of all the packages

— If you want us to come to your home for the shoot, extra charges will apply starting from 5k depending on location. We can visit your place only for babies upto 15 days old. We can carry only a limited set of props. Some Setups may not be possible.


1                 The time mentioned in the shoot is the total time that includes dress change, feeding etc.

2                 We will use the photos for our own business promotion (social media, our website etc) and showing the pics as our sample work to future clients. But In case if parents want us not to use the photos to display our work, you can buy the copyright by paying 25% extra on the package price.

3                 Balance amount of the package must be paid immediately after the completion of photo shoot to avoid any delay in delivery of edited photos.

4                 Only that person/child will be captured for whom the package is booked. No other person/child will be entertained in scheduled package. Shooting more people will lead to extra charges depending on the extended number of pictures and this must informed at least a day before the shoot. In case a photo is required with the extended family, it should be discussed.

5                 The Scheduled Date, Time, Location, Package and Themes cannot be changed on the spot.

6                 The client must reach the scheduled location in time. We do understand that it is not always easy with the babies, so we will keep a buffer of maximum 30 minutes but beyond that the time period will be cut short from the desired hours of the shoot.

7                 If the shoot is cancelled by customer due to non co-operation of child or due to any other reason, the booking amount received will not be refunded, but the shoot will be rescheduled on any other day as per our availability of date and time. (The rescheduled shoots will be done on WEEKDAYS ONLY (Monday to Friday))

8              Photos will be given ONLY after the receipt of full balance amount.

9              If customer requests to send DVD through courier, it will be done at customer’s risk. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss of DVD or any delay in delivery.

10             In case of any kind of loss of photographs, you may request for the same within 3 Months from the day of shoot. We shall delete the backups post that.

11            Clicking pics with your camera/phone is not allowed during the shoot.

12             Our prices are subject to change. We keep revising the packages and adding new themes.

13             If at all a pre-shoot meeting is required, please note that you will need to come to meet us. We will not be able to come to a common location.

Newborn Photography Samples

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Newborn Setups

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