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Maternity Packages

We are grateful to you for considering us to capture the memories of your maternity period.

The Process:
  • Payments: 

We take 50% of the total amount as the booking charges. Booking will be confirmed only when the payment is made.

IMPORTANT : Once the time slot for the shoot is finalized and we have shared the account details, payment is required to be made within 6 hours and if not made, that slot will be considered as open for other clients. We suggest you to use IMPS as the payment method to avoid delays, for example in case of bank holidays.

  • Pre-shoot Planning:

The process starts from shoot planning in which we discuss the details like dresses, location, ideas, props etc. Main purpose is to understand the expectations and narrow down the gap of thought process. Usually, the pre-shoot planning will usually freeze at-least 2 days before the shoot. The discussions will be done on phone and usually that is enough but if you need to meet us, please feel free to come. Please note that pre-shoot planning is a must and we do not take any shoot without planning.

  • The Shoot:

The best time for a maternity shoot is when the belly is in good shape, usually in the second half of 8th month.

Shoots can be of 3 types :

  1. Indoor shoots : They will be done at our studio. The best part about indoor shoot is the artistic lighting that we can use because unlike outdoor shoots where we are totally at the mercy of the weather, light is totally in control during indoor shoots. Usually plain or textured backdrops will be used with these along with some props, we also have a small artificial indoor garden. Although, the pics may not look exactly like outdoor shoots, still it gives that feel without having to go anywhere outdoors. Only drawback is that we can capture only smaller frames.  Please check the samples at the bottom of this page.
  2. Outdoor Shoots : Outdoor shoots will be done at any outdoor location which can be discussed and finalized mutually based on convenience. Usually we would be doing outdoor shoots in resorts. If there are some extra charges to be paid to the resort, that needs to be borne by the client.
  3. Outdoor in our Lawn : We have a small lawn at our home which is very close to our studio. Just in case if traveling to outdoor locations is tough for the expecting mother, outdoor shoots can be done in our lawn too although the look and feel of those pics may not be as good as that at a bigger outdoor location. Please check the samples of the pics taken in our lawn at the end of the page.

Outdoor shoots can be done at any location of your choice or it can be discussed and mutually agreed upon. If the shoot is done at any resort or a paid location, charges have to be taken care by the client.

  • Processing:

We take 3 weeks for editing the photos and we will share the edited and unedited pics together. If you need the unedited pics, you can ask us once you make the full payment and we will share via wetransfer. We will choose the best photos for processing or you can also choose them.  Once you have made the selection, we take 3 weeks for processing. If you want the processed photos early, we have a quick-edit offer, where we will provide the edited pics within a week at 10% extra cost but that will be subjected to our availability.

  • Prints: 

Please click on this link for more details.

OFFER : 20% off on our printing services, if bundled with the shoot. If you do not opt for prints on or before the day of shoot, offer will not be valid.

Photoshoot Package Details :

Following table contains the details of the packages including price, number of photos, dresses, timing etc.

If you are viewing on a mobile phone, please swipe left on the table for all details of the packages.

Package TypePricePackage Inclusionsedited 
Indoor Studio
15k1-2 Dress
changes /backdrops
2 Framed Photos (12 X 8 Inch)
Upto 2 Complimentary Dresses
101.5 HoursAll
Indoor Studio (Standard)20k2 Dress
changes /backdrops
1 Concept Setup
Upto 2 Complimentary Dresses
2 Framed Photos (15x11 inch)
152 hoursAll
Indoor Studio (Premium)30k3 Dress
changes /backdrops
1 Concept Setup
upto 3 Complimentary Dresses
2 Royal Frames (17x13 inch)
202.5 HourAll
20k2 Dress
252 HoursAll
30k2 Dress
202 HoursAll

  • 18% GST will be extra.
  • We will provide all the required props for the shoot apart from helium balloons, cakes or any specific props which we are not able to procure.
  • We will charge 3000 rupees extra if there is a kid involved in the shoot.
  • Extra Price for Concept setups would be Rs. 5000 and there would be 4 photos extra.

Please note that outdoor maternity shoot will be done at a location of your choice within Bangalore. If some charges apply to shoot at that location, you will have to bear that.



1             The time mentioned in the shoot is the total time that includes dress change, make up etc.

2             Date, time and location of shoot will be confirmed only after the client deposits the advance booking amount i.e. 50% of the package amount. For online payments, please use IMPS as the payment mode and share the transaction ID after you make the payment.

3             We will have the copyright of the photos but we will not use it for any commercial purpose without permission. However we will use the photos for our own business promotion (social media, our website etc) and showing the pics as our sample work to future clients. But In case if parents want us not to use the photos to display our work, you can buy the copyright by paying 25% extra on the package price.

4             Balance amount of the package must be paid after the completion of photo shoot to avoid any delay in delivery of photos.

5             Only that person/child will be captured for whom the package is booked. No other person/child will be entertained in scheduled package. Shooting more people will lead to extra charges depending on the extended number of pictures and this must informed at least a day before the shoot. In case a photo is required with the extended family, it should be discussed. Pics with the expecting father are included.

6             The Scheduled Date, Time, Location, Package and setup cannot be changed on the spot. (At least two days prior information is required.)

7             The client must reach the scheduled location in time. We do understand that it is not always easy during pregnancy, so we will keep a buffer of maximum 30 minutes but beyond that the time period will be cut short from the desired hours of the shoot.

8             If the shoot is cancelled by customer, the booking amount received will not be refunded, but the shoot will be rescheduled on any other day as per our availability of date and time. (The rescheduled shoots will be done on WEEKDAYS ONLY (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays). In case if early delivery happens due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the advance.

9             Only SOFT COPIES of the photos will be provided. For hard copies or album, extra amount will be charged.

10           Photos will be given ONLY after the receipt of full balance amount.

11           In case of any kind of loss of photographs, you may request for the same within 3 Months from the day of shoot. We shall delete the backups post that.

12           In case the cake or helium balloons are used in the shoot, it has to be arranged by the client.

13           Our prices are subject to change without any notice.


Indoor Portraits

Indoor Portraits

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Outdoor - Premium Samples

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Indoor Maternity Setups

Indoor Maternity Setups Samples

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Outdoor Maternity Setups

Outdoor Maternity Setups Samples

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Outdoor - Basic Samples

Outdoor - Basic Samples

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