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Indoor Themes for Sitting babies

Indoor Shoot are done in our studio. Minimum package price would be Rs. 8000.

Theme is a setup which is done to capture the photographs. For example, in a chef theme, fruits , vegetables, utensils etc are placed and the baby is made to wear an apron and a hat to give that feel.

We have categorized the themes in three categories:

a.      Basic Themes: are those which need lesser setup or creativity.

b.      Premium Themes: are those which need more time to setup or or more creative.

c.      Exclusive setups : are even more tough to setup. The level of editing will also be better.

PriceEdited PicsComplimentary  Prints
Basic300051 A4 Size
Premium500062 A4 Size
Exclusive700073 A4 Size

Following are the fast running packages but they can always be modified based on the themes you choose : DurationEdited softcopiesUnedited softcopies
138k4 Exclusive+ 2 Premium2.5 hours40all
229k3 Premium , 2 Exclusive2 hours34All
318k3 Premium, 1 basic1.5 Hours23All
416k2 Premium, 2 Basic1.5 Hours22All
513k1 Exclusive, 2 Basic1 Hour18All
611k1 Premium, 2 Basic1 Hour16All
712k4 Basic1.5 Hours20All
89k3 Basic1 Hour15All
98k1 premium +1 basic45 Min11All

— If a package doesn’t have candid shots mentioned, you can replace one basic theme with candid pics of the baby. There will be 5-6 candid pics.
— 18% GST will be extra on all the packages. 

— For family pics with the baby, we will charge Rs. 3000 extra for 5-7 pics. If there is an extra kid involved, the charges will be Rs. 5000.

— For twins or siblings, package price will be 1.5 times of the package chosen, provided you are choosing the same themes. For different themes, pricing will be as per the themes. 


Exclusive Themes

Exclusive Themes

Click the button to check the exclusive theme setups that we have

Basic Themes

Basic Themes

Click the button to check the Basic theme setups that we have

Premium Themes

Premium Themes

Click the button to check the Premium theme setups that we have

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